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Bush Focus Photo June 12, 2006


Although this Administration photo is seven weeks old, it now seems to mark the inauguration of the White House's "Bush/Bolton" strategy.  According to this piece in yesterday's NYT, April is when Bolton began to assert himself, reshaping the previously insulated and hostile Dubya into someone who "reaches out." 

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Political Psychology Photo June 10, 2006

Hope She Gets Some Help

As a liberal, I could marshall up as much outrage toward Ann Coulter as anyone.  As a clinician, however, I would rather not.

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Iraq and Afghanistan War Photo June 9, 2006

Give Me The Largest Frame You've Got

Of course, the "elimination" of Zarqawi was a strategic accomplishment which provides a moral boost both to the U.S. military and also the nascent government of Iraq.  How big was Zarqawi, though?  You can look at this pic from today's parade, and think he was huge.  You have only to listen...

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Culture Focus Photo June 8, 2006

The Wingnut Mannequins

Maybe the culture war's "battle of the week" was slated for Washington, but it seems Boston saw a lot more of a showdown. The AP reported Wednesday (via Huffington Post) that an anti-gay rights group in Boston had intimidated Macy's into removing two store-window mannequins honoring the 2006 Boston Pride...

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Spin Focus Photo June 6, 2006

Changing Wars Like He Changes Underwear

try to make us forget iraq new set of troops and new war Bagram President George W.  Bush poses for photos with U.S. and Coalition troops Wednesday, March 1, 2006, during a stopover at Bagram Air Base in Afghanistan, prior to his visit to India and Pakistan.

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Campaign '06 Photo

Latest NYT Attack Victim: The Addict

Not only does The Times set up the article by going through the decades-old litany of "wacko" Brown associations -- including Linda Ronstadt, We The People, Mother Teresa, Governor Moonbeam -- they reference the Ronstadt relationship twice by forcing Brown to comment to it.  The most toxic aspect of...

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Iraq and Afghanistan War Photo June 5, 2006

Haditha: Return Of The "Bad Apples?"

As the Haditha killings work their way into the public consciousness and impact the political calculus of the war, The BAG is curious how the corresponding visual narrative is going to play. These three shots -- taken on a night raid in Haditha and dated simply "2005" -- showed up...

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Faith Focus Photo June 3, 2006

Gaming Sunday

A cultural topic that has been getting increased attention lately is the encroachment of Christian fundamentalism into professional sports.  Recent stories have appeared, for example, in Salon, the NYT, Mother Jones and even The Washington Times.  Although primarily a minor league phenomenon to date, the movement is hitting the...

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Uncategorized Photo June 2, 2006

Your Turn: No Body I Recognize

The BAG received a number of messages about this pic. Intuitively, this makes a great rip.  The "why," however, might be slightly less than obvious, or unanimous -- just like there are probably four of five basic ways to create a logical gestalt out of about eight, or so, discrete...

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Photo June 1, 2006

Losing Face

For that reason, situations have to get pretty out-of-whack first before they becomes apparent, and then obvious to those beyond the solid left.  Over the years, The New Yorker cover has consistently managed to sense, mark and incisively articulate key moments in political time....  To me, what is most...

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The Company You Keep

Here is U.S. General Michael Hagee, the Marine Corps Commandant (right of Bush) yukking it up with the Commandeer-in-Chief in Washington on May 5th.  About two weeks later, in a meeting with Jack Murtha, Hagee told the Congressman that he and his staff knew about the Haditha incident --...

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