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September 19, 2006

More On The Foot Race In Virginia


The pen is back!!

I doubt Spanish customs was getting much use out of my drawing pad, but its now been restored to the proper hands.  So, on to Sunday’s debate, and the under-the-table dynamics of Allen – Webb.

RaisingKaine did a perfectly decent job on the surface leather.  Here’s the treatment:

On the one hand (or, more accurately, foot), we’ve got a fake “cowboy” named George Allen.  The guy’s not a cowboy, he grew up in Southern California NOT Virginia, he’s gung-ho about war but has never himself served, etc. etc.

On the other hand (er, foot), we’ve got combat boots and a REAL soldier named Jim Webb.  Why is Webb wearing these boots?  To honor his son, Jimmy, a Marine currently stationed “in harm’s way” over in Iraq.  Jimmy’s dad, of course, served with extraordinary valor in Vietnam, winning the Navy Cross, Silver Star, and numerous other medals for heroism.

At The BAG, however, it’s our job to push things a step further.

In this case, I’ve done a little behavioral footwork on Allen.  At this level, how do you size either man?

(image: Kevin Wolf/Associated Press.  September 17, 2006.  Washington.


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