November 20, 2006

In Bubba's Footsteps: Live Blogging "Thought Bubbling" Bush In Asia — Continued


For some reason, Putin had trouble engaging the Big Dog — as shown in this 2000 APEC shot … before they put on the funny costumes.  With Junior (and his keen sense of character), on the other hand, it’s been a smoother ride.

(Next installment: Monday 6-ish East Coast time )


Not that Laura isn’t scintillating, and who wouldn’t deserve a hallelujah for attending church in a country that’s just a little edgy about a Protestant political agenda?

Bottom line, though, it’s hard to compete when that next big trade deal could be at stake.

(Next installment: Tuesday 9:30 am East Coast time )


Is it possible the White House travel store is still fully stocked with “Things To Do In Indonesia In Six Hours“?  If you’re not feeling like getting out, however, its nice to know you can always find a (friendly) mob of U.S. embassy staff.

And besides, who needs to work foreign policy so hard when you’ve got Poppy (and friends) to help with the heavy lifting?

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