November 19, 2006

In Bubba's Footsteps: Live Blogging "Thought Bubbling" Bush In Asia


Six years to the day, the White House wouldn’t have had Clinton’s visit in mind, would it?

(Next installment: noon Eastern time.)


Daring to venture between the Presidential Palace and the next-door Office of the Government, a crowd of two (Palace employees?) flock to Bush while photographers stand by.

(Next installment: 3 p.m. Eastern time)


Almost as picturesque as searching for U.S. M.I.A. war remains,  Bush, MIA, thoroughly inspects the Hanoi Sheraton.  (Australian Prime Minister – right.)

(Next installment: 6 pm Eastern time) 


The White House caption refers to pedestrians and cyclists lining the President’s motorcade route.

At home, it’s called stopping traffic.

(Next installment: Monday 8:30 a.m. East Coast time )


With no sightseeing scheduled, Administration photographers go wandering.  Apparently, the White House posted this cow grazing shot to lend local flavor.

… Or is it a metaphor?

(Next installment: Monday 12:30 – 1ish p.m. East Coast time )

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