November 1, 2006

Your Turn: Bush In Sugar Land


Did the White House confuse Halloween with the Fourth of July?  Or, Shock and Awe?

The BAG wasn’t planning on another Bush post so soon, but this pic stopped the presses.  I can’t wait for your thoughts on this shot from W’s Texas campaign trip.  Traveling with Senator Kay Bailey Hutchinson (left), Bush dropped in to Sugar Land, Texas, to show his support for Congressional candidate, Dr. Shelley Sekula-Gibbs (right).

(Gibbs is the write-in candidate for Tom DeLay’s seat.  Earlier this year, a court ruled that either DeLay’s name had to appear on the ballot despite his withdrawal, or else no Republican name could appear and the party could run a write-in campaign.  Running behind, Sekula-Gibbs was not even on the Republican’s “final push” list.)

And then, on the slightly less nostalgic side, the newswire also offered this and this.

(image 1: Pablo Martinez /A.P.  Oct. 30, 2006.  Sugar Land, Texas.  Via YahooNews.  linked image 1: Tim Sloan/APF.  Oct. 30, 2006.  Sugar Land, Texas.  Via YahooNews.  linked image 2: David J. Phillip/AFP.  Oct. 30, 2006.  Sugar Land, Texas.  Via YahooNews.)

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