June 7, 2007

If Climate Change Politics Keeps Up This Face, We're All Going To Burn


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Props to ThinkProgress for observing how the U.S. media was completely steamrollered last week by the Administration’s “non-shift” on climate change.  Now, regarding this morning’s G-8 preview, could someone please send a search party to LA Times H.Q. to find some kind of backbone?

Bush seeks to mediate on climate change

Ahead of G-8 summit, he says U.S. can be a bridge between states who want action now and nations that need persuading.

… I mean, did Karl himself write this headline and subhead?

What was more perplexing, however, was the lead-off image accompanying the lead-off G-8 piece at today’s NYT.  If the headline (“At Group of 8 Meeting, Bush Rebuffs Germany on Cutting Emissions”) hews closer to reality, what’s going on with that picture?

Fortunately, we run into one of those cases where the article speaks directly to the pic.  Here’s the clip:

The theme of the meeting is “growth and responsibility in the global economy,” but by Wednesday, it was apparent that the biggest rift will revolve around climate change.

After lunch with Mr. Bush, Mrs. Merkel seemed to concede — without explicitly saying so — that her plan was off the table.

“There are a few areas here and there we will continue to work on,” she said, standing side by side with the president outside an elegant white castle on the grounds of the Kempinski Grand Hotel. When Mr. Bush turned to her and said he has “a strong desire to work with you” on the issue, the chancellor pursed her lips.

Say what?

Do you see any protest, resistance or even reservation here?  What I read, and it’s essentially the same damn gesture the submissive media continues to signal to the suave and charming natural successor to Ronald Reagan Bush, is:

Sure honey, whatever you want.”

(image: Jim Young/Reuters.  Rostock, Germany, June 6, 2007.  nytimes.com.  caption:  President Bush with Chancellor Angela Merkel on Wednesday in the German town of Heiligendamm, at the start of the Group of 8 meeting)

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