June 8, 2007

On The Latest Episode Of "As The White House Turns" : The Would-Be Diplomat Vs. The Wannabe-Dictator


When I saw this, I thought: That’s it.  There’s the money shot.  I mean, the idiocy of it aside, is there a better picture of why American foreign policy is so schizophrenic?

Is it your turn to see him?’

‘Is it mine?’

Could you just move over a little bit, you’re cramping me here.’

‘Burn in hell.  Yeah … and I just wrote it down.’

If these two still have plenty of time to further screw things up, the consolation, at least, is that it’s so much more transparent now.

Anyway, FAIR has a nice post, split evenly down the middle.  First, it cites a WAPO article serving as mouthpiece for Cheney’s latest obsession (linking Iran with the Taliban).  Then it hails Newsweek for the latest cat scratch — which is where this photo came from.  In that piece, which is just short of delicious for the denial of infighting (and for calling out Cheney and his latest interagency blah blah blah heavy breathing over the Taliban), we get to hear Condi’s not-so-veiled push back on the big “noise” machine.

By the way, I don’t believe the Newsweek suggestion that Condi is winning, if by a hair.  Pushing the point, the mag quotes Rice as saying (in reference to “The Decider” ): “When I’m speaking, I’m speaking on his behalf.”

Condi, whenever you’re speaking for him, it’s only by half (and that’s on a good day).

(image: Khue Bui for Newsweek.  msnbc.msn.com.  article dated June 7, 2007.)

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