July 25, 2007

Control Tower To Bush: Time To Save Our "A"



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Talk about getting it exactly backwards.

Check out the military hardware in the White House photo-op at the Charleston Air Force Base on Tuesday as compared with the TIME cover that hit the newsstand at almost the same time.

While the majority of Americans these days would opt for a banner on an aircraft carrier reading: “Decommission Accomplished,” our bomber happy lame duck, in his flaming red tie, is still pathologically stuck on ‘get ’em there before they get us here‘  and “Bring it on.”

(image 1: TIME Magazine.  July 30, 2007.  Photo-illustration: Arthur Hocchstein.  photo: Piotr Przeszlo/Shutterstock. Cover.  image 2: Larry Downing/Reuters.  July 24, 2007.  Charleston, S.C. nytimes.com)

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