July 26, 2007

"W" On His Own Two Feet


by John Lucaites

The President seems to be looking for just about anything these days to prop himself up.  So when his “Commission on Care for America’s Returning Wounded Warriors” issued 35 recommendations this past week, he jumped on it, directing Robert Gates to implement them immediately.  And, of course, it was a perfect time to take a jog on the South Lawn with two veterans who had lost legs in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The image above, featured in the NYT, fits a recent pattern of portraying the president as miniscule, a Lil’ Bush.  In this instance the White House dominates the image, but note too how it is somewhat hidden behind a veil of trees and bushes, peaking out as if to suggest the potential for majesty, even if its occupant is not up to the task.

The full irony is made explicit in this shot from WAPO’s “Day in Photos.”


It portrays what appears to be a pot-bellied president being propped up by the amputated veterans, each seemingly stronger and more stable than he.

(image 1: Andrew Councill for the New York Times; image 2: Chris Kleponis-Pool, Getty Images)

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