July 27, 2007

Your Turn: Girls Will Be Girls


Nothing against oil and camels, but this Anita Kunz New Yorker cover seems to have a bit more bite than the last one we pulled apart.

Debbie Nathan (“Was she implying that literalist Jewish women are less cosseted than burqa’ed Muslims and habited nuns? Gevald!”) sees it as a commentary on the New York Jewess.  Aside from the gender dynamics, I was reminiscing how end-of-July news never used to rise above the weight of a shark attack, but that nowadays, there is no summer shade to escape the tension and polarization between the Christian and Muslim worlds.

But then, I’m a lot more interested in the view from your platform.  (The post title, by the way, is taken from the title of the illustration.)

(illustration: Anita Kunz. July 30, 2007. Cover. newyorker.com)

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