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Media Focus Photo September 30, 2007

On Screen In Real Life

Why is it that Reagan could have gotten away with acting the Presidency, or Americans would bestow credibility on a completely unqualified, yet elaborately framed and consistently stage-managed George Bush?  The answer is that humans, in lending themselves to pictures, are simultaneously wired for a more concrete, factual inspection...

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Bush Focus Photo September 28, 2007

Saving Planets Earth

How Classic:  Bush At His Alternative Global Warming Summit Caught Between Two Worlds!

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Not that Ashley's work, and his feelings for the war, didn't mature and harden as time went on.  At the outset, however, it is an unusual thing that this venomous campaign -- built on a despotic neocon fantasy -- would be captured by a man child who, enabled by...

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Campaign '08 Photo September 27, 2007

Bush To WAPO: I'm Truman, You're … Eating Out Of My Hand

While corporate media was being spun this week on the evils of Iran, it was also getting played on the campaign front.  This example involves a cute little post at WAPO's campaign blog, The Trail.

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International Focus Photo September 26, 2007

More War Drum Concert Coverage: UN Edition

If the press wasn't so completely magnetized by star power and hysterical paranoia, I would be happy to feature the images of smaller, more dignified moments involving compelling world leaders who converged on the General Assembly from across the globe.

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Media Focus Photo September 25, 2007

Did You Hear That Hitler Was In Town?

Is our democracy so compromised right now that we wouldn't think, left to simply answer questions, Ahmadinejad wouldn't make a fool of himself, without us beating him to it through bullying and harrassment?

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Bush Focus Photo September 24, 2007

Exposing A President Well Heeled*

Honestly, I never imagined anyone would ever pull the curtain back on The Great Intimidator.

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Uncategorized Photo September 22, 2007

Nouri Hits Condi With A Ban

Better kick the Anbar take-over into overdrive, because we're losing Baghdad.  With the Ahmadinejad show heading for town, U.N. festivities got started with a discernible chill between Condi and Maliki.

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For The Soldier Of Fortune Calendar. Plus: Helo A Situation

Given that the movement of U.S. diplomatic personnel in Iraq is completely dependent on Blackwater, it is no surprise the company is operating again.  Give it another week, and most questions about the 25,000 to 100,000 "security contractors" (nobody seems to have a reliable count) will probably disappear also. ...

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Protest Focus Photo September 21, 2007

Window On Jena

At this point, the sight of the raised fist -- the Sixties symbol of black power -- seems mostly ironic.

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Campaign '08 Photo September 20, 2007

Rudy PM

The Caucus piece conveys the surprise, on the part of London press, that Gordon Brown would afford Rudy the venue.  What's behind that?  (And then, the visual coordination seems, uhm, "tailored" also.)

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Photo September 19, 2007

Overcoming My Blue DNA

(click for full size) Stephen Crowley/The New York Times Sen. Chuck Hagel, right, and Jim Webb discuss their measure to require that troops get as much time at home as they spend overseas before being redeployed.

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Iraq and Afghanistan War Photo September 18, 2007

Your Turn: Scotch The Notion

If Petraeus somehow did puncture the opposition's bubble and potentially forestalled a more systematic pullback, did somebody forget to tell the kid?

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Bush Hype And The Loss Of Sheikh

My question is, did George Bush effectively "off" an ally -- and even undermine his Anbar strategy -- for the sake of the "surge sale" and a single photo-op?

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Bush Focus Photo September 16, 2007

The general Petraeus post-game state of mind

Out of all the images of this weekend's anti-war protest, I was trying to figure out why this two shot sequence stood out most for me.  From the WAPO and NYT accounts, it sounded like the demonstration was not just bigger than expected, but much more contentious than previous.

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Jim, Bring Back The Boots

The latest legislative strategy on the part of the Dems might look like "half a loaf" to the roots, but it represents a terrific challenge to the Administration's dominance over the war narrative.  But beyond that, it offers all kinds of visual and symbolic opportunities if the Democrats were...

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Bush Focus Photo September 15, 2007

No, It's Not The '05 Inauguration — But Oh, The Memories!

In those moments between pumping up the fear, the White House is fully engaged in heaping on the intimidatio

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Media Focus Photo September 14, 2007

General "Betray Us": FOX Gets On It …Gratis

You can tell Campaign '08 is well under way now, given the vicious attacks on MoveOn for daring to question the political independence of General Petraeus.

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