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Campaign '08 Photo December 20, 2007

Romney: A Shadow Of The Real Deal

In this photo and NYT bio piece on Mitt Romney and his famous father, we are led to assume that Mitt is a shadow of his father.  Well, try the opposite.

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Campaign '08 Photo

Swiftboat Watch

You might be interested in this analysis The BAG contributed to Huffington this AM.  The front page piece of slander just put me over the edge.

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Campaign '08 Photo December 19, 2007

The "Likeability" Tour

Fascinating pic the NYT has up today regarding Hillary Clinton's re-re-start.  A few takes: Despite the intention to put a warmer, friendlier Hillary front and center ...  3 people moving in completely different directions.  Bill moving to the fore, taking charge.

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Lock, Stock And Barrel

Symbolically, it seemed pretty lame that the British hand off of Basra had to take place at the airport, the middle of nowhere.

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Campaign '08 Photo December 18, 2007

Christ, What An Ad!

So, is that a cross in the Huckabee ad, or just a bookcase?

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Bush Focus Photo December 17, 2007

The Reason I'm Not Posting The Bush 2007 Holiday Card…

The Reason Why I'm Not Posting The Bush 2007 Holiday Card...

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First Hillbilly Armor, Now Osprey

At a unit cost of $100 million, and after $15+ billion and 25 years of development, this contraption has just recently been introduced in Iraq.

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Campaign '08 Photo

Shot For The Ages

Drudge puts visual hit on Hillary Clinton.

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Eco Watch Photo December 16, 2007

Gore's Climate Problems

How outrageous Gore should be  visually called out for supposedly pointing fingers at the Climate Change conference in a pic that was widely  published on-line

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Campaign '08 Photo

Obama Enters The Safe Zone. (Or: At Least We No Longer Have To Hear About Those Soccer Moms)

Perhaps it goes without saying that gender and race are generating plenty of ink this primary season.  In this picture, however, it isn’t a matter of either race or gender but about their intersections, in this case about white anxieties about black masculinity.

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International Focus Photo December 15, 2007

War On Terror: Maple Leaf Edition

It reminds me of a close friend who just got back from Toronto and couldn't get over how much friendlier the people were there.

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Iraq and Afghanistan War Photo December 13, 2007

Iraqi Policewoman – An Oxymoron

The most telling thing about the photo is not its novelty -- visual evidence, perhaps, of Iraq's last policewomen ... at least those allowed to carry a gun)...

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"Everybody Has The Right To Be Beautiful"

My friend Stan Banos has relaunched Reciprocity-Failure, which also tracks visual politics.  With his keen eye, he directed me here.  What adds to the poignancy is the setting in the sand.

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Getting Whupped

It's when the minority leader gets his picture in the paper, spreading four columns in the print edition, sitting in his oversized office, illustrating an article on Senate Muscle Flexing, with such fine touches as.......  The working the phones/hatching strategy pose, the finger spread indicating, maybe, the difference between...

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Originals Photo December 12, 2007

The Comfort, The Comfort

Lori Grinker spent 23 day aboard the hospital ship USNS Comfort in 2003, a month after the war started.  What I find particularly powerful about her work is how the image is often a window to a larger story, or else the encapsulation of a conflictual or ironic truth.... ...

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Campaign '08 Photo December 10, 2007

Lava From Mount Mitt

For those who say Romney only got exercised during the commercial break and didn't realize the camera was running, you would have thought a seasoned politician -- one not so prideful and thin-skinned -- would still have known better.

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Campaign '08 Photo December 9, 2007

Peek Of The Hil

Given the Clinton - Obama fireworks in Iowa, however, this image says a whole lot less about then than about now.

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International Focus Photo December 8, 2007

Your Turn: Iran And The Desperate Man

The image is not about Sarkozy and Merkel spending a cultural afternoon, nor is it about Merkel giving momentary pause to an arresting piece of art.  The photo has to do with how we're now to look at and think about Iran.

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