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December 28, 2007

Rudy Does 9/11


Looking to remain relevant, it is no surprise to see Rudy playing the 9/11 card in his latest ad.

Emphasizing pride and bravado over the fear driving Bush’s kick-off ad of the 2004 reelection,“Safer/Stronger,”  both use montage tying together the flag, patriotism, the American military, the rubble of ground zero and the threat of “them over there.”

Less notable in Rudy’s piece, however, is the same element that drew howls over Huckabee’s recent Christmas greeting.

  Overlaying horizontal and vertical elements against a black background in a “domino-like” effect, the Giuliani video also conjures a Christian cross as a repeated subliminal element.  In this particular screen grab, notice how the cross ties together a child pledging allegiance with a U.S. soldier standing at attention, supposedly in Iraq.  In this instance, the allusion goes beyond religiosity to also encompass a memorial theme, playing exploiting the sacrifice paid in human lives.

Giuliani “Freedom” ad

Bush “Safer, Stronger” ad (Living Room Candidate)

Mike Huckabee Christmas (You Tube)

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