December 27, 2007

Clocking Edwards

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Edwards-AirportI’m not making excuses for John Edwards’ tardiness.

Still, with a week to go before the Iowa caucus, this NYT hit job — citing how Edwards consistently runs late for campaign events — is a nasty character attack.  Although it is understandable a campaign would offer standard excuses for being late, the Times publishes a slew of them (“In Iowa, he occasionally blames the weather — even when it’s not snowing”), intimating that Edwards and his allegedly finger-pointing staff are “buck passers” at best, liars at worst.   

The photo, showing Edwards with an aide in an airport, is a curious accompaniment.  Given the context of the article, one impression is that John is “still” at the airport while people are waiting for him.  The gesture, the thumb up with the knuckles folded under, generally alludes to something pending, missed or just passed.  Combine the quizzical or skeptical-looking squint with the thrust of the article, and you could almost imagine Edwards, running late once again, instructing the aide to “make something up,” or “just tell ’em anything.”

Of course, the gesture also pulls for “take a hike.” 

Edwards Gets Demerits for Tardiness on the Trail

(Note: I’m still roaming around Northern California, so my posting schedule might be slightly effected for a couple more days.)

(image: Yana Paskova for The New York Times.  2007.

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