December 23, 2007

The BAG Remains Open


Remember last August when I was in the back hills between Watsonville and Aptos trying to blog by bootlegging a signal late at night from the local fire station?

Well, I’m heading that way again in the morning and this time I have a new plan.  It’s called “repose.”

As a holiday greeting, I offer you this image from Jan Von Hollenen.  (The link to the series is below.)  With all the tough and often cynical imagery we look at here day in and day out, these images remind me to to lighten up, to exhale.  (I really love the one with the kid in the “turban,” by the way.)

I also offer this thread to you so that, over the next few days, in between family, work, food, running around, and your own rest or contemplation, if you have image links to post and discuss, or you have thoughts on this series, The BAG remains open.

I’ll be back Thursday-ish, ready to make a serious run at the primaries.

Best wishes!

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