January 1, 2008

American New Year


The power of this New Years Eve newswire image comes from the fact it so obviously references the famous “Times Square Kiss.”  Where it goes from there, however, is wide open.

Because Alfred Eisenstaedt’s iconic photo symbolizes America’s WWII victory, this pic seems a (way too) subtle reminder not to forget about Iraq.  In its muted quality — running hard against the grain of the typical abandonment accompanying the Times Square ball drop — the pic seems to also comment on the national mood — perhaps more cautious, more tempered, more concerned right now.  At the same time, in its sobriety and conservatism, it has the flavor of a Mike Huckabee holiday card.

It might be hard to tell from this selection (always looking for the best pic and a little trouble), but The BAG faces ’08 full of fight, commitment and optimism.  Best wishes to all!

Times Square Kiss (Digital Journalist)

(image: Katie Orlinsky/Reuters.  Times Square. December 31, 2007. via YahooNews)

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