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January 1, 2008

Your Turn: Displaying An Edge



I keep thinking Huck is going to either self-destruct, or become widely recognized as crazy, by the end of January.  But who knows?  In the meantime, he’s proving effective in drawing attention to himself, and stringing together one curious photo op after another.

Here’s the shot he offered up yesterday.  (The first is from the NYT, the second from Reuters).  The former, by the way, appears in the Times article in which Mike announces he was going positive, then shows the anti-Romney ad he was pulling, just for good measure.

Any thought on where he’s going with this scene, angle, etc?  (By the way, lurkers and first timers are especially invited to jump in.)

Huckabee Shows Negative Spot After Pulling It From Television (NYT)

Huckabee’s Media Savvy (HuffPo/Eat The Press)

(image 1: Todd Heisler/The New York Times.  image 2: Andy Clark/Reuters.  Des Moines, Iowa December 31, 2007.  via YahooNews)

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