January 28, 2008

On The Ropes


Look at this thumbnail image that appeared today on the on-line version of The Times in Print.  (I grayed out the type to emphasize the visual.)

Of course, compared to image in the article article itself, the you don’t notice the same effect — with Hillary so dramatically severed from Teddy.  (Although a miniscule example, it speaks to the same kind of instinct for dramatics I was getting at in Sunday’s post about the media peddling a Barack – Bubba war.)


By the way, I’d be curious what you thought of the full image, shot on Cape Cod in ’97.  Reinforcing concerns about who’s candidacy it is, and rumors that Kennedy made his endorsement out of disgust over last week’s tone in SC, notice who’s in the drivers seat.

(click for full size)

Jfk-ClintonUpdate 6:20 pm:  I was watching the network news tonight for the first time in forever while waiting for the SOTU.

In ABC’s coverage, they showed the image of Bill Clinton meeting JFK at the American Legion’s Boys Nation in 1963.  I had forgotten this shot, but the report used the image to recall Bubba’s own invocation of, and aspirations around Camelot.

The photo, and 42’s touting of it, only makes the Kennedy family’s embrace of Obama today that much more vivid.

(image 1: Stephen Jaffe/Agence France-Presse.  Cape Cod. 1997. via nytimes.com. image 2: Huynh Cong/AP/Wide World Photos. Washington. 1963.  via encarta.msn.com)

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