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Media Focus Photo February 29, 2008

Despite Foiled Media Extravaganza, Prince Harry Still Gets Majestic Kick Out Of Afghanistan, Thank God

the fact a media spectical was pre-empted before Harry could get home and formally kick off the circus seems a lot more noble than anything else going on here.

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Business Focus Photo February 28, 2008

Your Turn: Financial Footing

I saw this shot in Wednesday's NYT Pics of the Day and found it particularly dark, or else cynically irreverent.

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Thought To Be Believed To Be

Keeping track of the farce otherwise known as the Iraq occupation in yesterday's NYT Pictures of the Day, I was interested in this untenable photo caption accompanying Spencer Platt's image from Diyala.

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Media Focus Photo

But You Knew The Capitol Of Vermont

As it is more often these days, it's parody which brings the most poignancy and illumination to the news narrative.  Much more than the SNL skit framing Obama as the object of media love, however, last weekend's more substantial piece was represented by the shots below.

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Media Focus Photo February 27, 2008

Covering (And Covering) Afghanistan

Last June, I got into a rather vigorous and protracted email exchange with a NYT Magazine editor about a post I wrote critiquing one of their covers.

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Spinning (An Election) Yarn

Are they kidding, framing Putin's puppet-elect Medvedev into a photo-op with someone spinning yarn!

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Campaign '08 Photo February 25, 2008

Obama In Somali Garb No Distraction For Something Far More Scandalous

I am shocked -- shocked I tell you! -- that someone (most likely from the Clinton camp) released this photo of Barack Hussein Obama....

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No Corner On Surges

If it's a throwaway newswire photo of a subject that nobody is taking much interested in, the clue here is scale.  The Turkish incursion into Northern Iraq, now in its fifth day, involves 10,000 troops 3 miles into country, with active bombing support from Turkish fighter jets.

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Campaign '08 Photo

Obama's Security — A Little Too Much Hush

In the NYT story published on-line yesterday ("In Memories of a Painful Past, Hushed Worry About Obama"), we're told we're told about supporters who won't vote for Obama out of concern for his well-being....  So, what I'm wondering (and, probably won't get an answer to for "security reasons") is:...

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Bush Focus Photo February 24, 2008

Partial To Africa

In a tour through the Meru District Hospital near the Kenya border Bush called his anti-malaria initiative 'a practical way to help save lives.'

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Campaign '08 Photo February 23, 2008

McCain's Ear For The Lobbyists

The shot above features McCain with senior advisor Steve Schmidt.  With the media relegated to sitting in their seats and behaving, I think this is an enormously clever dig.

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Campaign '08 Photo

Bill Richardson, Would-Be King Maker

I was a little put off reading this morning's article on Bill Richardson, would-be king maker.  After playing the "also ran," throughout the Dem campaign, the Gov of New Mexico now seems to be taking an almost sadistic pleasure in playing Clinton and Obama off each other -- especially...

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Campaign '08 Photo

UnWeavering Love For McCain

An obvious question to ask, in light of the backlash to this week's NYT story, is how much the press will now be (however unwittingly) running interference for the campaign.

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Media Focus Photo February 22, 2008

Kick In The Ash

Is it comic relief, or is the tone of this remarkable Economist cover -- featuring a rubbed out Cuban cigar -- an ominous signal to second- and third-world players that refuse to play along with globalization?

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Spin Focus Photo

White House Syndrome

Three weeks ago, Iraqi and American military officials had a dramatic announcement to make.  They reported that the two women suicide bombers who had hit separate Baghdad pet markets within half-an-hour had Down syndrome, and that they were recruited and detonated by al Qaeda.

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Campaign '08 Photo February 21, 2008

It's Not About Sex, It's About Power

Given where the mind goes -- when money and power (and unreported free rides with beautiful lobbyists) are concerned -- these images can't help but pull for sex.

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Photo February 20, 2008

Fidel: The Poster

As much as the White House and the presidential candidates want to infuse the Castro retirement with political consequences, this story is mostly about mortality.

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Uncategorized Photo February 19, 2008

Your BAG/World Press Wednesday: PKK

World Press '08 - People in the News: 1st prize stories Philippe Dudouit, Switzerland, for Time magazine. PKK fighters, Northern Iraq

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