April 1, 2008

Coming To A Cubicle Near You

Novadebt 1 Gh

What poverty exists when it comes to political images dealing with the economy and the corporate space!

Friday’s rare example occurred at the New Jersey firm, Novadebt, a debt counseling service which provides bankruptcy, default/foreclosure and “home equity conversion” mortgage counseling.

All I can say is, it’s a sad day when GWB deems to show his face under the fluorescent light to empathize with people who were played by largely unregulated lenders into assuming onerous debt.  Not only did the Bush management culture (if that’s not a thorough contradiction in terms) ignore all signs of disaster, but now Bush comes to pitch for the paltry sum the government has put up for relief.

But besides that, this is probably the closest President Silver Spoon (looking like a pitchman for the Home Shopping Network) has gotten to a cubicle in his life.


And then, this image is particularly troubling, showing poor Dubya having to work for his handshake, as if the American worker, reaching out from behind glass, seeks nothing more than to feel his grip.


Distressed Owners Are Frustrated by Aid Group (NYT)

Bush remarks (check what he does with the phone number – whitehouse.gov)

White House photos
1 and 2

Novadebt website

(Image 1: Gerald Herbert/AP. March 28, 2008, Freehold, N.J. image 2: Jason Reed/Reuters.  Same. via YahooNews)

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