April 1, 2008

Your Turn: Democratic Convention As Knife Fight


The first thing you need to know is that the pair of photos, above, lead off the latest Newsweek column by Karl Rove.  Second, what Karl has already concluded (the man always dirtying, and framing) is that the Dems are destined for a contested convention.  Third, the heavy-handed title of the piece, sitting just under the image, is: How To Win In A Knife Fight.  (Caption below.)

So, is Karl, in all his nastiness, offering us a forced choice between blood in the streets and a shot-gun wedding?

To me, at least, Tipper bears some likeness to Hillary here.  And, the sight of Mayor Daley offers an ominous comparison to ’68.  But then, maybe the poke at the Obamaniacs and Clintonistas is the prompt that the man who invented the internet does ride in this year on the white horse.

Rove: How to Win in a Knife Fight (Newsweek)

(images: AP; Lucy Nicholson / AFP-Getty Images. caption: Love or Hate?: In 1968 Chicago (left), the Democrats paid a price for dissension; the Al and Tipper Gore kiss in 2000. newsweek.com)

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