April 15, 2008

Your Turn: Laying It Down For Christ, New Heroes


With the Pope currently doing the rounds, the NYT has a piece this AM about a new Roman Catholic Archdiocese of New York recruiting effort encouraging men to join the priesthood.  This image comes from a slideshow featuring six posters for the campaign. 

Besides the tag line “The World Needs Heroes,” posters #1 and #5 seem to be borrowing from 9/11, and the support and mentoring role priests played throughout the crisis.  Poster #2 is more abstract and symbolic.  It’s a black-and-white image of priests stepping into a gritty city crosswalk with words like “FATHER,” “DESTINY,” etc. added.  What attracted my eye was the black gash that severs the white horizontal painted lines, reflective, it seems, of how priests have crossed the line of purity and equality as a result of long term and widespread sex abuse.

The poster I was most interested in, however, was the one above.  I’m wondering how you read it, and whether you see any 9/11 tie-in here as well?

Calling New Priests: A selection of marketing posters from the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of New York to attract students to the priesthood. (NYT slide show)

Facing Decline, an Effort to Market the Priesthood (accompanying article – NYT)

image: “Mychal Judge Pieta” + Judge wikipedia entry

(poster: Roman Catholic Archdiocese of New York via nytimes.com)

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