May 16, 2008

Middle East 101


It’s hard to see how Bush helps his cause in attacking Obama when the WH posts shots like this.  Captured at the Bible Lands Museum in Jerusalem on Friday, the photo — if attempting to demonstrate cultural and historical curiosity –  has the feeling of Middle East 101.

Accordingly, the pic not only reinforces Dubya’s geopolitical shortcomings, but lends weight to Obama’s counter, which is that the Bush foreign policy is purely naïve.

Bush Assails ‘Appeasement,’ Touching Off Storm (NYT)

Obama Says Bush and McCain Are ‘Fear Mongering’ (NYT)

Bush Saudi Arabia/Israel White House photo gallery (5/16/08)

(image:  Joyce N. Boghosian/White House.  Jerusalem Friday, May 16, 2008.  caption: President George W. Bush and Mrs. Laura Bush listen to Director Amanda Weiss as they tour the Bible Lands Museum. The museum illustrates the cultures of all the peoples mentioned in the Bible – from Egypt eastwards across the Fertile Crescent to Afghanistan, and from Nubia north to the Caucasian mountains.

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