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May 16, 2008

Service Entrance


I see this as is one of the negative consequences of Hillary riding it out till the end.

Hanging this insignia on her is pretty harsh, the juxtaposition — “your shift is up!” — a cruel play on the politician as public servant.  As well, the fact she’s caught unaware this way lends a flat-out paparazzi feeling here.

It’s also the kind of pic that will (cheaply) incite the more hardened partisan.  To the Hill-raiser, it’s a total cheap shot, but to the Obamaniac, she brought it upon herself.

h/t: Chris

(image: Jonathan Ernst/Reuters.  Washington.  May 14, 2008. caption: Democratic presidential candidate Senator Hillary Clinton departs from the service entrance after a reception on Capitol Hill.  via YahooNews)

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