May 15, 2008

Your Turn: McCain's Stowaway


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I’m curious how you read  this shot that ran on the AP wire about two weeks ago.

It’s a scene aboard Air McCain, with Mac doing his customary press schmoozing.   Coincident to that, we have Arianna Huffington doing her cable news thing on the small screen.  The way she physically parallels McCain in the image is interesting, as is her proximity and relationship to the (main stream) reporters.  (By the way, this shot preceded the firestorm Huffington started over McCain’s 2000 presidential vote by three days.)

I especially like how the image captures the different political platforms and "talk streams" in play this year, not to mention Huffington’s tenacity in, once again (see video), finding her way onto McCain’s radar.

(image Mary Altaffer/AP.  Phoenix. May 2, 2008)

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