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May 20, 2008

Primary Reflection From Harrisburg

Fink Hillary Penn

I wanted to draw your attention to this very fine photograph by Larry Fink from a political photo gallery at VF.  Fink shot this in Harrisburg while documenting last month’s Clinton effort in the Pennsylvania primary.  Given the suggestiveness of the image, I particularly encourage your analysis.

For myself, the photo speaks to the powerful bond between Hillary and the women’s vote, especially boomer and above.  (I get the demographics from the historical feel of the black-and-white, the more classical feel of the dress and the objectification of the female body, a behavior that particularly catalyzed the feminist movement.)

In my mind, the shot says a lot about why and how Clinton remains in the race.  To the extent many older women identify with the associations and isolation of the mannequin, the symmetry, balance and unqualified shout-out of the 10 balancing Hillary’s lends an identity and strength that neither wish to sever.

Keystone Stump slide show (Vanity Fair)

(image: Larry Fink. April 2008.  Harrisburg, PA.  via Vanity Fair)

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