June 23, 2008

Barack Obama, Master Manipulator


I guess you can always be too effective an organizer.

Although he professes it won’t do any good, Steve Kornacki of the NY Observer takes his turn propagating the emerging wingnut meme of Obama as master manipulator.  Echoing the Machiavelli description employed by the NYT’s Michael Powell a couple weeks back, Kornacki also relays Friday’s David Brooks formulation that Obama (mirroring Carter, and topping Bill Clinton in the cleverness department) “succeed(s) in politics by pretending to renounce politics.”

For The BAG’s purposes, the image deserves as much attention as the words.

The pic here is an elegant choice to marry to to the attack, featuring Obama in an askance look, unsmiling, his first finger pressed into his temple like he’s not just tired or lost in thought but (smack up against that anchor text) slyly monitoring the unfolding of his plans like the mastermind he must be.

The point is, if the corporate media starts to latch on to this “Chicago boss” theme, you can expect a lot more photos, pulled out of context like this, to flesh out the picture.

The Calculations of Barack Obama (Kornacki – NY Observer)

(image: unattributed)

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