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June 22, 2008

(Way) After The Flood


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Short of re-donning a flight suit and posing looking back at the USS Abraham Lincoln, I couldn’t imagine another shot more evocative of Bush 43’s monumental failure.

This image, taken on Friday by Brooks Craft for the TIME White House photo blog, places GDub at the scene of yet another flood, this one in Iowa City.  What’s great about this pic — titled “Water’s Edge” — is how it captures Bush away from a whole gang of reporters, as if it was just him, us and this neighborhood underwater.

The “looking back” makes for a powerful metaphor, as if Bush is actually seeing a few things now that it’s mostly behind him.  At the same time, Craft captures Bush — accurately, I believe — as quite solitary and isolated, in spite of the staginess and all the people nearby.

(image: Brooks Kraft / Corbis for TIME.  June 21, 2008.  Iowa City)

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