September 24, 2008

John McCain and "Freddie" Davis


This shot of Freddie Mac siphon, Rick Davis, taken at the RNC, shows the campaign strategist pointing things out to his “other client.”  In contrast to the warm-and-fuzzy Rick and Mac image the NYT used in their background piece this morning, this shot reveals the take-no-prisoners “steel” (steal?) of the lobbyist.  As well, it catches McCain in the kind of passive-dependent expression that Davis’s influence peddling is and was contingent on.

As McCain — again, demonstrating his impulsivity and histrionic nature — supposedly suspends his campaign to “save” the country from Wall Street, the stacked up archive of images like this one illustrates, by “virtue” of those advising him, illustrates ultimate conflict-of-interest.

(image: Paul Sancya/AP  St. Paul, Minn. Sept. 4, 2008)

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