October 18, 2008

Powell's Buttons

Powell Hip Hop

My view of Colin Powell (no news) is of someone who can never get off the fence. 

That runs from straddling between Bush and Rumsfeld/Cheney (when there was any daylight there) even to his appearance three days ago with Nigerian Hip-Hop group Olu Maintain at the Africa Rising Festival in London.  On the one hand, and I’m happy to see it, Powell seems to be really letting himself go.  (Here’s the larger gallery of Powell’s appearance as long as it’s available.)  On the other hand, I find it totally characteristic Colin would get out there to dance, to sing, to really move and express himself, but then never thought to loosen the tie or even unbutton his suit jacket.

Tomorrow morning, in his much-anticipated appearance on Meet The Press, will Powell stay true-to-form and refuse to endorse either McCain or Obama?  Or, might he actually unbutton the jacket for Obama? 

(But then, if Powell believes the election is both a done-deal and a major political shift to the left, maybe an Obama endorsement is Powell’s customary move to the middle.)

(image: Dave Hogan/Getty. October 14, 2008 in London, England)

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