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Terror Focus Photo November 30, 2008

Counter-Terrorism In Mumbai

Is this image a non-verbal editorial comment on the effectiveness of Indian security forces in the four day siege in Mumbai?

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Media Focus Photo

Touch Of Vegas

Despite 50+ days until his inauguration, it appears that Obama, through force of circumstances, has already crossed the threshold into the vehicle of governance.

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Terror Focus Photo

Mumbai: All About Us

As is typical, Stateside visual coverage of the Mumbai attacks personalize the tragedy for Americans while de-emphasizing and depersonalizing the experience of the Indians.

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Business Focus Photo November 28, 2008

Your Turn: Black Friday

Shoppers burst through the doors at the Wal-Mart in Fair Lakes Center when the store opened at 5 a.m. Friday morning

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Generically titled "Family Gathering," this New Yorker cover is a lot edgier than labeled.

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Black November

If it's looking increasingly like one more brutal attack in the long-running conflict between India and Pakistan, with Kashmir in the middle, tell that to the Israelis.

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Bush Focus Photo November 26, 2008

Holiday Study In Contrast

The Bush/Obama contrast on the eve of Thanksgiving in a shattered economy.

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At this season, I am deeply thankful to each and everyone who has joined me and taken this mission to heart.

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Talking Turkey

You're probably going to get more irreverence out of me for the next few days. As a perfect example, I got a minor kick out of this cynical twist on the Brady Bunch.

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Uncategorized Photo November 25, 2008

La First Lady

I would say that Michelle Obama is finally gaining the respect she's deserved.

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Spin Focus Photo

General Touch Up

Beyond the fact that the Army doctored a photo of Ann Dunwoody, America's first female four-star general, I'm curious about how the National Press Photographers Association chose to describe the doctoring itself.

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Zoriah: Flagging Economy

And, when the euphoria from the Citi bailout wears off?

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Photo November 24, 2008

Nobel Effort

Wow, Krugman and Bush. I would confidently recommend this image for strangest bedfellows of the year.

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It’s Nice To See A Brown Girl Get Some Attention

In a cover story that speaks very meaningfully about black women and the dynamics of skin color, I thought it was quite contradictory that Newsweek's cover of Michelle Obama was black-and-white ... and Michelle is so (bathed in) light.

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Obama/Clinton: "Golden Straight Jacket" Vs. "Yes We Can"

As the Obama - Clinton relationship evolves in the new administration, it will be curious to see what is read into it by those still lingering in one camp or the other

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President Obama Photo November 22, 2008

So, Who Does Your Weekly YouTube Address?

Regarding Obama's latest Weekly Radio Address, the staging is an improvement, but it still seems that there ought to be a more 21st century look for this 21st century method of communication.

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Your Turn: House Negro

This is the key image being circulated from al Qaeda's Obama video circulated this week. It shows Al-Zawahiri centered between images of Obama wearing a yarmulke at the Western Wall and Malcolm X kneeling on a prayer rug in a mosque.

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Photo November 21, 2008

Palin It Up

But this turkey execution video proves that Palin knows exactly how to continue to attract attention.

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