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November 21, 2008

Palin It Up

Palin-Turkey-1.jpgPalin-Turkey-2.jpg Palin-Turkey-3.jpgPalin-Turkey-5.jpg

But this video proves that Palin knows exactly how to continue to attract attention: Take a normally mundane gubernatorial event like a turkey pardon, Palin it up with something irresistible to the elite east-coast liberal media, and watch the coverage follow. Should be an entertaining few years. — NYMag Daily Intel

I think NY Mag is spot on. Palin’s totally got the EECLM’s number. And The BAG’s too, to the extent she continues to have her way with the “visio-political” media space. In fact, I’m setting up my 2012 category right away. My fantasy, for a second, was that our friend in the background had Mitt Romney by the feet.

KTUU 2008 Sarah Palin turkey interview

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