November 21, 2008

Obama – Clinton '08! (Have Pics?)

I want to try an experiment.

As demonstrated in the discussion thread attached to this week's TIME Obama-as-FDR post, Typepad now allows you, the BAG's stellar readership, to post images in the comment section.

So, here's my idea: I'm interested to see what news image you would select to best illustrate the dynamics of Clinton becoming 44's Secretary of State — and why. I would encourage other readers to post their finds also, and then have the discussion (whether you've posted an image or not) as a "compare and contrast" surrounding those selections. I'm not sure how game you are for the collective effort, especially rolling into the weekend before Thanksgiving, but it can't hurt to try. To get things rolling (right after I upload this), I'm going to go into the comment thread and post the image the NYT chose to illustrate this afternoon's article announcing the news.



Update: A number of you have written about uploading issues.  You should know that Typepad does not show the graphic when you preview your comment.  Rest assured, though, that if the code is correct, it's there.

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