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Uncategorized Photo December 31, 2008

Capping The Year

It seems all too sobering that 2008 -- a year enshrined by the intermingling of politics and hope -- would close out with such an image.

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The Chance Of Biscuits (Or, Is That A Snuff Film The Israeli Air Force Has Posted On YouTube?)

As much as Israeli defense videos illustrate how heavy firepower can be confined to a limited footprint, these images still convey extreme shock and the sense that such overwhelming firepower couldn't possibly avoid all collateral damage.

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Culture Focus Photo December 30, 2008

Your Turn: America ’08

BAGnewsNotes readers examine pictures of the year.

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President Obama Photo December 29, 2008

I Heart Sderot

A thought on what this four-month-old shot of Obama in Israel front of a rocket collection has to say.

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The Rocket As Relative

This NYT slideshow seems to equate the aerial threat to Israel with the force of stone-throwing Palestinian demonstrators.

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Obama: Fighting The Pull

What the photo captures and confirms is the real tension emerging between Obama, on the one hand, and his admirers and the press on the other.

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International Focus Photo December 28, 2008

Structural Disaster

With the term of Palestinian president Abu Abbas expiring on January 9th and Hamas refusing to further recognize him, one way to think about yesterday's bombing of the so-called "Presidential building" in Gaza is in terms of the corrosive Palestinian power split.

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International Focus Photo December 26, 2008

The Hands Do Speak. (The Question Is, Who Is Listening?)

A Congolese government soldier lies dead in the road not long after having been shot in the head. It is easy to immediately think of him as a statistic.

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Militarism Focus Photo December 25, 2008

Picks of the Year

To the extent the Afghan War draws heightened attention in the coming year (replacing Iraq as our "A" war), territorial stalemate and signification of futility will have much greater impact.

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Culture Focus Photo December 24, 2008


Christmas scene at the Vietnam Memorial.

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Protest Focus Photo December 23, 2008

Oh, Christmas Tree

After weeks of violence in Athens following the shooting death of a teenager by Greek police, protesters have been persistently trying to defile the city's Christmas tree in Syntagma Square. I find these images brilliantly unsettling, the fanciful lights and ornaments juxtaposed with officers of the state.

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Gitmo Christmas

This group has performed the same exercise three years in a row, emulating hooded Guantanamo prisoners engage in the act of shopping. The agenda is to remind Christmas shoppers, as they indulge in consumerism based on a supposedly sacred holiday, that war crimes at Gitmo are being committed in...

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President Obama Photo December 22, 2008

Privacy These Days

Overall, Obama as paparazzi trophy seems pretty cheap.

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Eliot On The Comeback

Eliot Spitzer's holiday card demonstrates a concerted effort to get past his sex scandal sooner rather than later.

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Bush Focus Photo December 21, 2008

Your Turn: Finding One’s Place

The most stinging shot yet concerning the Bush legacy watch.

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President Obama Photo December 20, 2008

Robert Gibbs, New Face Of The Administration (Or, Lower That Drawbridge!")

Why a strategically gifted, but otherwise behind-the-scenes player like Robert Gibbs ends up as press secretary is hard to figure.

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Faith Focus Photo December 19, 2008

Holiday At The BAG (Or: Eat, Drink And Be Mary?)

  I was wondering if you heard about two new illustrated bibles described by NPR as catering to a "more hip and secular" audience?

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