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Business Focus Photo January 31, 2009

For Shame

The most significant image of the week involved Obama calling the media into the Oval Office to intentionally shame Wall Street.

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Uncategorized Photo January 30, 2009

(Oops, Sorry. I Must Be In The Wrong Place. I Thought This Was The Trailer For The New "Miami Vice" Movie.)

In honor of Michael Steele being elected new chairman of the Republican party, BNN takes the occasion to republish this post from March 26, 2006, which, listening to Steele address party faithful, still seems all too applicable.

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The GOP Mood

Most of the wire photos offering Republican House leaders reacting to Obama's stimulus plan were more accommodating than this.

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Scandal Focus Photo January 29, 2009

Blago's Last Day

A great photo of Rod Blagojevich's last day in office.

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Back When Politics Was Just Politics

I was hoping for an image or two from last night’s bipartisan get-together at the White House. Short of that (and inspired by the image above), I was reminiscing about the days when Republicans acted “a little bigger,” and personal relationships could exist while “agreeing to disagree.” (image: Barry...

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International Focus Photo January 28, 2009

Your Turn: The Envoy

BAGreaders respond to this image of Middle East enjoy George Mitchell in Israel.

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Arms And Arms

I can't help thinking the sight of Gates's injury, although completely incidental to his testimony yesterday before the Senate Armed Services Committee, is almost painfully suggestive.

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Gitmo: Putting A Face To A Name

The visual changing of the guard at Guantanamo.

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President Obama Photo January 27, 2009

Location, Location, Location

What was significant today is what we didn't see -- specifically photos of Obama on Capitol Hill meeting face-to-face with Republican House and Senate leadership over the stimulus plan.

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Obama Going MAD

MAD Magazine has a classic send up of the expectations and pressure on Obama out-of the-chute.

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Bush Focus Photo January 26, 2009

On Errol Morris's Interview: Ground Zero, And Placing Bush "In The Context Of Where He Was"

The account I found most telling in Errol Morris's interview with three wire service photo editors about the Bush era involves the editorial effort to "place" Bush at Ground Zero.

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Media Focus Photo

In A Picture, What's Wrong With American Media

Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich appears on his first national television appearance with Diane Sawyer, (R), January 26, 2009 on ABC News' Good Morning America, the day his impeachment trial begins in his home state.

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President Obama Photo January 25, 2009

Controlling The Space

Just days into the new administration, it seems the President and the press are engaged in some serious turf marking.

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Your Turn: George Washington Obama

The caricature of Obama as George Washington was The New Yorker's choice of cover for his first week in office.

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Utter Infantilization

I cringed in embarrassment when I saw this baby photo of Caroline Kennedy leading this NYT article on the decline of the Kennedy family.

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President Obama Photo January 24, 2009

More Obama "Behind The Scenes": The Look Of Love

This photo is part of the latest "behind the scenes" photo set leaked to the press by White House Photographer Pete Souza.

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Uncategorized Photo January 23, 2009

The Anti-Palin?

Is part of the impact of the Gilliband appointment the way the Blue Dog Congresswoman usurps the symbolism of right-winger Sarah Palin?

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I think the choice of this Christopher Morris photo as TIME's inauguration commemorative cover relays a couple of elements that are still being appreciated by the country and the media. The first is how vibrant and central an impact (the face-front) Michelle Obama is going to have on the...

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