January 13, 2009

Always A Star

Bush Final Presser.jpg

Regarding this image from one of those rapidly proliferating big picture sites… it captures one of the true legacies of the interminable Bush nightmare: flag fatigue.

And then, I didn’t expect, having looked at thousands of pics of “W” at this point, to catch a new angle. With the big close up, however, those stars demand their own recognition as well as their own parting statement, the otherwise background element also informing Junior’s wistfulness as he finally peels himself away from his treasured rank.

From day one to day last — with just a few disappointments and a possible mistake or two in between — those stars have been lost in his eyes.

(h/t: Sophia)

(image: Jason Reed/Reuters. White House. January 13, 2009. via wsj.com)

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