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Media Focus Photo June 18, 2009

Your Turn: Putting the Uprising in Focus

I'm also curious how the print media might put a framing picture to the Iran uprising.

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"Meet Mr. Mousavi"

Mousavi: Gracious. Intellectual. A little inward around the camera. Knows Ayatollah Khomeini (in white, no less) scores prime real estate. Desperate for more shelf space.

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What's in a Sticker

My question, is: how much did the spirit and lyrics of Obama's long political campaign"sink into the mortar" of the Iranian opposition?

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International Focus Photo June 17, 2009

Iran Social Media Working The Pictures

Alleged TV screenshot showing decline in votes for Mohsen Rezayi's from 633,068 at 9:47am to 587,913 at 13:53pm.

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The Zahra Factor

Maybe what caused Khamenei and the clerics to derail the Iranian election, as much as anything, was their disaffection with Mousavi's intense and outspoken confidant and wife.

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International Focus Photo June 16, 2009

Fighting Pictures

If Twitter has played a dominant role in Iran's post-election events, so too have news photos.

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Lazarus and Obama's health care plan.

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International Focus Photo June 15, 2009

Question of Character

This screen grab may yet come to emblemize the god character of the reform protesters in Iran.

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The Post-Election Campaign

With the crisis in Iran playing out as much on the international media stage as domestically, Iran has engaged what could be called the "post-election" campaign.   

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International Focus Photo June 14, 2009

The "They"

Clearly, an important facet of the Iran situation has to do with who is being deployed by the government and with what degree of loyalty/ruthlessness.

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In the Gutter

Finally, because serious events always seems to go down when I step out, I'm hoping to focus on the crisis in Iran over the next few days, as well as pick up the rhythm on domestic terrorism having also missed the shooting at the Holocaust Memorial.

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Uncategorized Photo June 13, 2009

Your Turn: Infrastructure

by guest blogger Cara Finnegan This is the new Interstate 35 bridge in Minneapolis. Built to replace the one that collapsed in the summer of 2007, the new "smart" bridge has state-of-the-art design features like sensors that can detect when the bridge needs de-icing. The photograph by Jonathan Bruce...

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International Focus Photo June 12, 2009

Who won?

by guest blogger Cara Finnegan Remember that duck-rabbit image from your Psych 101 class? You know, the optical illusion where you alternately see a rabbit's ears or a duck's bill? This photo of torn campaign posters in Tehran invites the same visual confusion. Are we looking at moderate challenger...

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Uncategorized Photo June 11, 2009

What He's Up To

by guest blogger Cara Finnegan It has begun. President Obama went to Green Bay, WI yesterday for a town hall meeting on health care (his remarks here). The visit marks the more or less official public launch of the administration's rhetorical and political efforts, which will include a speech...

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Makeshift Memorials and Memory

by guest blogger Cara Finnegan The U. S. Holocaust Museum in Washington, D.C. is closed today in the wake of the shooting yesterday that killed security guard Stephen T. Johns, who leaves behind a wife and young son. This photo captures well how layered collective memory can be: a...

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Uncategorized Photo June 10, 2009

Voting With Her Feet

by guest blogger Cara Finnegan The BAG has never been afraid to explore the visual politics of feet , so let's check out what are most certainly the political toes of the week. They belong, of course, to Supreme Court nominee Sonia Sotomayor. Despite fracturing her ankle at...

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Look 3

I may have one more post in me later today, but this evening, I'm heading to Charlottesville to attend the popular photo festival Look3.

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President Obama Photo June 9, 2009

Your Turn: The Artful President

Doesn't this photo, taken of the Obama family at the Pompidou Museum (have a good deal to say about the Administration's perception/projection of itself?

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