July 12, 2009

Obama, Ghana, Shouting From The Rooftops

Obama Ghana.jpg

There are a lot of compelling images from the Obama visit to Ghana….

We have Obama atop the Cape Coast Castle, a former holding facility for slaves.

We see the language of Obama’s campaign serve as an extended model as he addresses the Ghanaian Parliament.

Obama reviews the troops as first U.S. African-American C.I.C.

In another powerful juxtaposition, we see Obama singing our anthem in front of their flag. And a variant.

Most moving, though, was the outpouring of pride and affection from Ghanians in the streets, those above just catching sight of Obama’s convoy. At the same time, the flag seems to highlight the striking difference in attitude toward the U.S. now that Bush is out of the picture.

(Revised: 3:00 pm PST)

(image: Finbarr O’Reilly/Reuters. Ghana, July 11, 2009)

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