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Media Focus Photo August 31, 2009

The DeLay Morph: Goodbye Hammer, Hello Twinkletoes

If the image seems superfluous, validating how Tom Delay has found his level as a has-been anchoring a cheap reality show, ABC in fact has afforded him the perfect platform.

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Given how NASCAR was a Bush/Rove favorite and how much the organization is synonymous with the Southern white conservative male, I can't see how an image like this -- highlighting Obama's pervasive tendency to curry favor with his philosophical and ideological antagonists -- could serve as anything else right...

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President Obama Photo August 29, 2009

Kennedy Funeral: The Presidents

A few random thoughts on and associations to this photo of the Presidents from the Kennedy funeral.

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Memorial Politics: Yes We Can

It's impossible to expect (and foolish to protest) that Teddy -- in death, in memory and in pictures -- would somehow suddenly relinquish his identity as an advocate.

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Uncategorized Photo August 28, 2009

Your Turn: Platon's Goodbye to Ted Kennedy

When Teddy Kennedy buried his nephew, he echoed Yeats' words that a man should "live to comb gray hair." BAGreaders respond to Platon's portrait of Kennedy on TIME's commemorative cover

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GOP Health Care Two Step: Cowards or Hypocrites?

Either ranking GOP Senate Health Committee and "Gang of Six" member Mike Enzi has been working to fashion a health care solution or he is determined to torpedo the process. Which is it?

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Media Focus Photo August 27, 2009

Your Turn: Glamour's "Astonishing" "Average Size" Woman

I'm interested in your take on the photo, and buzz, surrounding the photo of "average size" model Lizzi Miller in the latest issue of Glamour.

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Bush Focus Photo

Rove's Fun and Games in the Name of Wounded Warriors

If Karl Rove is so intent on exploiting the kind of suffering that would lead a veteran and/or his family to question the worth of existence, he should tell it to the people paying for his handiwork, not Sean Hannity.  

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Business Focus Photo August 26, 2009

Kennedy's Passing: Change In Health Care Calculus, Or Same-Old, Same-Old?

Going forward, the preeminent question is: can Kennedy's passing actually alter the trajectory of health care reform or is his final legacy mostly a media score?

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Losing Kennedy

Kennedy would have been fundamentally disappointed if we were to put politics aside, even for a minute, rather than use his death as a rallying cry.

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President Obama Photo August 25, 2009

Links and Traps

if this photo op spawns swings at Obama, the President has no one to tee off on but himself.

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Media Focus Photo

Not Delivering "High-Decibel Rants," I Guess All Those Dittoheads — Oops, I Mean, Citizens — Must Be "More Reasoned Voices"

I guess all those Dittoheads, -- oops, I mean, citizens -- attending health care meetings and not delivering "high-decibel rants" must instead represent "calmer, more reasoned voices."

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Terror Focus Photo August 24, 2009

.38 More Ways to Counter the Teabaggers?

After several incidents last week in which right wing radicals showed up at health care meetings wearing guns, we now have this example of a pro-reform demonstrator appearing at a tea party protest this weekend packing heat.

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President Obama Photo August 23, 2009

Obama, Old Faithful and the Real Animals

Two weeks ago, when I saw this photo-op of the Obamas in front of Old Faithful, I took it as mostly nostalgic.Today, however, with the radicals not just appropriating the health care issue but GOP politics, I see something more pressing.

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Cutting a Figure

After the unusual firing of McChrystal's predecessor and all the build up surrounding this Saddam-capturing, Zarqawi-snuffing former Special Ops wonderkind, the notorious Stanley stands in the middle of this crowd of Afghans as if he's invisible.

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Uncategorized Photo August 22, 2009

BAG Archive Edition: Vogue + LaBron (Kong?) + Gisele = Kaching

Some say the photo of LeBron James -- in a gorilla-like pose -- perpetuates racial stereotypes.

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Photo August 21, 2009

BAG Archive Edition: Terri's Army

Jeb just can't let Terri go.  With his recent decision to investigate Michael Schiavo's role in his wife's medical demise, Jeb Bush and the Right to Life movement demonstrate that there is still mileage to be gained from this entanglement.  In the BAG's recent effort to collaborate with photojournalists,...

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Photo August 20, 2009

BAG Archive Edition: War Time America

In her continuing look at militarization and the security of the homeland, contributer Nina Berman offers us a set of images tied to Atlantic City's "Thunder Over The Boardwalk" air show this past August.

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