August 4, 2009

Chuck Kwon Do

A pictorially-driven site like Zimbio brands itself as “an interactive magazine with over 18 million readers a month.” How to explain the popularity?

Besides the mainline celebrity coverage, you might see this kind of tactic — involving the convergence of celebrity culture and politics/political celebrity mixed in a pot of the lowest form of slash-and-burn. We’ve also see this kind of layout before where the expressions, the ordering and the otherwise equal weighting makes it look like the one guy has to somehow answer to the other.

Notice how they punctuate the demand, by the way, with the outfits, so that the issue seems that much more black-and-white. And then, isn’t black-and-white exactly what the so-called story and juxtaposition shout out? Based on his authority as an actor in violent cheap westerns, the white “Merican” is calling out the foreigner. We’re back to Obama as “other.”

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