August 2, 2009

Michelle Malkin with the Sound Off

Before taking aim at ABC for actually inviting the far right-wing provocateur Michelle Malkin onto their Sunday talk show with Stephanopoulos, I have to say it was actually fascinating studying her behavior.

It’s instructive to watch it with the sound on to hear the kind of presumption she uses in speaking for the American people or assigning phrases to them that she has coined herself on her blog. It’s also interesting to listen to how, like a too-leading and tightly-wound prosecuting attorney, she ascribes an actively conspiratorial dimension to all things Democratic or Presidential at every turn. It’s even more interesting, though, to study Ms. Malkin with the sound off.

You might think the screen grab above is unfair, like a sliver or instant pulled out-of-context in which any of us might look ready to be committed. I could offer you any number of other stills from this program, however, that isolate Ms. Malkin’s disturbed affect, incendiary manner and inability, as she gets herself going, to make eye contact. If you watch her, she doesn’t suggest or propose so much as she starts to ignite. She doesn’t recognize or acknowledge so much as she she glares and stares, her eyes and her body, when it’s her turn to speak, constantly darting, punctuating, escalating, agitating.

In the tradition of Limbaugh or Coulter, Michelle Malkin’s anger is always looking to break through to the surface, and when it does, it’s often palpable to the point of paranoia. This image is not exceptional, it is characteristic.

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