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September 17, 2009

Glen Beck's Organ. TIME's Dime.

Glen Beck TIME cover.jpg

Sheesh, and I thought Newsweek was juicing the wackos this week.

TIME is not only in absolute collusion with the radical right in offering up this week-long, national FU to moderates, progressives, and, especially, President Obama (who the literally mad Beck wipes his feet on every chance he gets), it’s also rubbing our faces in the not just contemptuous, but unbroken and lurid exposure to Mr. Beck’s organ.

With so many confused and troubled people being politically exploited right now, TIME has, in effect, gone beyond good sense to pull its own Joe Wilson. Simply put, in that tongue is another flaunting of decorum to incite the crazies.

…And props to Greg Mitchell who eviscerates the article.

(9/18. 1am PST. Edited for clarity)

(image: Jill Greenberg/Corbis)

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