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September 18, 2009


John Moore Migrant Health.jpg

I offer more great work from Getty’s John Moore using the single still image to frame the most politically uncomfortable questions.

But first, some context. In the foreground, we see a migrant farm worker from Mexico picking spinach near Wellington, Colorado. Beyond is a mobile clinic that visits farms in the northeastern part of the state serving immigrants who have little other access to health care. States the caption:

While funding of health care for undocumented workers has become a controversial topic in the health care reform debate, the federal government already funds basic care for many such workers through grants to non-profit clinics, which serve one of America’s most vulnerable, uninsured populations.

Thus the question: If a health bill, in the form of an “ode to the Republicans,” passes the Congress and all pipelines to services for illegal (and even less-than-five year legal) immigrants are cut off, does the next version of this story offer men simply keeling over in “our” spinach?

(image: John Moore, Wellington Colorado. September 16, 2009)

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