November 22, 2009

Birther Attack Gets a Fort Hood Twist

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If anti-abortion picketers can routinely intimidate women outside health clinics, can it be that hard for protestors to scare off all but the most racist customers from doing business with this attention-seeking, hate-mongering Colorado used car salesman? (See backstory in caption below.)

By tying in Fort Hood, Phil Wolf’s birther billboard constructed at his Colorado auto lot takes the “Obama as a closet Muslim” (or “Obama as secret Jihadist”) scare tactic to a whole new and much sicker level. Just like the terrifying TIME cover supposedly exposing Nidal Hasan using a “terrorist x-ray,” presenting Obama in a suit morphing into the version with the turban plays on the “example” of Hasan suddenly morphing into “one of them” from a U.S. military uniform.

So, where’s the push back?

(photo: John Moore/Getty. caption: Phil Wolf, owner of Wolf Automotive used car dealership, stands in front of a billboard on his auto lot on November 21, 2009 in Wheat Ridge, Colorado. Wolf paid $2,500 to have the billboard painted, and it has sparked contraversy since it was put up the day before. Wolf, 57, said the dealership received more than a thousand calls from throughout the U.S. and Canada in a single day, both in support and against the sign.’We’ve had death threats. We had people call and say they were going to firebomb the place last night,’ he said, adding that local police provided overnight security outside the dealership because of the threats. Wolf, a supporter of the ‘birther’ movement, questions President Obama’s citizenship.’We’ve got to recall our country, the election,’ he said. This guy (Obama), is illegal.’ He also blamed the President for the massacre at Ft. Hood.’The cavalier attitute taken by Mr. Obama towards the enemy within us is absolutely horrible. If I had a snake in the house, I would kill it,’ Wolf said. Several left-leaning advocacy groups have called on the public to boycott the auto dealership.)

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