November 21, 2009

In The Religion Section


Longtime BAGnewNotes reader “RubberNecker” writes:

I came across an interestingly composed photo of a Palin book signing event published on her Facebook feed.

If you notice, the signs in the bookstore that denote the sections make a perfect commentary on her book. She is signing in the “Religion” section, and at the top, receding into the distance, are other categories of the book that seem to decrease in proximity to Palin as they decrease in relevance to her book. “History and Politics,” then “Biography,” and then “Literature.”

Also interesting to me is that in the religion section the only two visible subsections are both “Christianity.” The features of this photo are made all the more interesting in that it was put out by her people, and not composed intentionally.

I would just add that the photo is by Shealah Craighead, a former Bush White photographer and also Palin’s photographer during the McCain campaign. The fact she’s attached to the book tour site says a lot about this current campaign.

(caption: A bird’s eye view of Gov. Sarah Palin talking with Americans and signing her book “Going Rogue” at Borders bookstore during the third “Going Rogue” book signing event Thursday, November 19, 2009, in Noblesville, IN.)

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