December 16, 2009

Maddow: Curing What Ailes Us

A portrait in good and evil? Taking on the grinch that poisoned cable?

With Rachel occupying the foreground, in white, entering on the scene from the left, these subtle elements speak to Maddow as the moral, ideological, generational as well as market counterweight to Daddy FOX.

Watching Maddow Tuesday night deftly question, in consecutive order, Tom Harkin, Arlen Specter, Jan Schakowsky, and Barney Frank — especially pressing Specter (starting about the 6:50 mark) on why the Democratic Senatorial caucus wouldn’t/couldn’t just agree not to join with Republicans on a filibuster motion, thus eliminating the supposedly institutionalized 60 vote threshold, you get the inkling the phrase “television journalism” might not be a complete oxymoron.

With her genuineness, intelligence, humor and professionalism, my “next decade” prediction is that the Maddow name will rise to the absolute top rung of her profession.

(photo: Sam Feist/CNN, December 16, 2009 via TwitPics)

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