December 16, 2009

The Dean Reflex


If you think there is anything new about this illustration, given the incoming fire Howard Dean is taking in defying the Democratic health care sell-out, think again.

In fact, this graphic appeared on the cover of the Minneapolis/St. Paul City Pages way back on June 22, 2005, illustrating their cover story, “Gagging Dr. Dean.” It seems the good doctor, just a few months into his tenure as Chairman of the Democratic Party, started freaking out just about everyone whose bed was feathered inside the Beltway for making what were seen as disturbingly freewheeling statements primarily about the (“white, Christian”) GOP but also pulling in the “political donor class.”   

Here’s the link to the original BAG post. The comment thread — and you had a lot to say at the time — reads almost like dejavu over again.

(illustration: Jay Bevenour)

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