October 27, 2010

VF Nails It: The Year of the Reptilian Brain (and Then Some)

If it’s scarier than it is funny, VF’s Official 2010–11 Republican Beefcake Calendar does a wonderful job parodying America’s hard on for these no-sacrifice, simple solution, content-free conservatives.

I’m interested in your take on Boehner vs. the “wimpified” Obama , as well as the whole calendar. What I think is very clever, however, is how VF — in taking the promising and the preening and the power-tripping and the muscle-flexing to its extreme, botched-photoshop conclusion — actually forces us to look at each of these macho men or prettified men one more time “beyond the package,” so to speak.

Less than a week before the mid-terms, it’s a hurdle America — especially, the media — has utterly failed to clear.

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