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October 26, 2010

Well, There's Move On and Then There's MOVE ON

1. Supporters yell “Get the cops!” …And, was that for more muscle, or just for approval?

2. Hmm, is free speech even in the Constitution?

3. And I thought stuff like this only happened in Alaska!

4. Tea Party-speak for “Have a Nice Day!”

(No matter how unintentional and explainable the specific incident was, the fact is, it wouldn’t have been a story at all if it didn’t reflect the hostility and divisive acts, rhetoric and gestures coming from the Tea Party and its candidates.)

5. Sure, the “Aqua Bhudda” thing was a crock and the” tying up the woman” thing was beyond beyond. But then seriously, Rand, how do you think this looks to the Soccer Moms?

Video. Backstory.

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