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May 10, 2011

Radical Fundamentalism and the Need for Erasure

The Cutline

If the erasure of Hillary and a female White House aide by Brooklyn’s Orthodox Hasidic newspaper, Der Tzitung, from the White House “Security Room” photo is informative at all, it’s to tell us that religious fundamentalism is alive and well in America, too. If it serves a constructive function, on the other hand (which I think it does, given how many people ended up forwarding this to me), it’s to visually illustrate, without so many words, how much the upper reaches of the government, particularly the military (and the security establishment, as well?) remains largely a boys club.

update 1: … And then, check out what the Hasids did with Laura Bush in ’08.

update 2: Finally, there’s this gem from Dependable Renegade (thank, Marc!).

(image and backstory via The Cutline)

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